Stirling's Baha’i Community Celebrate New Year

March 26, 2010

Author: Stephen Robertson

Source: Stirling Observer

The Baha’i community from in and around Stirling gathered to celebrate their new year at the weekend.

They joined their fellow believers throughout the world in marking the very special occasion on Saturday and Sunday.

A gathering first took place on Saturday for prayers, consultation and refreshments to mark the end of the 19-day period of fasting which starts each year on March 2. This involves abstaining from food and drink between sunrise and sunset but is primarily a time for spiritual renewal.

On Sunday evening around 50 Baha’is and friends gathered at Cambuskenneth Village Hall to celebrate more informally with food, music and poetry.

Special guests included members of Central Scotland’s Interfaith group, represented on this occasion by members of the Christian, Sikh and Muslim faiths.