St. Louis Celebrates Pagan Picnic

June 17, 2002

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On June 17, 2002 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on a "two-day Pagan Picnic in Tower Grove Park [in St. Louis, Missouri]... Sponsored by the Council For Alternative Spiritual Traditions, the picnic is a chance for pagans to celebrate being pagans, said River Higginbotham, chair of this year's 10th-annual event. Local pagans also see it as an educational opportunity - a chance to let the public know what paganism is all about... Higginbotham estimated [that the picnic] attracted about 2,500 people this year. Over the weekend, more than 30 hourlong workshops were held, on topics ranging from pagan parenting, Celtic traditions, African/Caribbean witchcraft and building a labyrinth."