St. Andrews University Recognizes Wicca As a Religion

June 21, 2006

Source: The Universe Catholic Newspaper

On June 21, 2006 The Universe Catholic Newspaper reported, "The Catholic chaplain of St Andrew's University in Scotland has defended the institution's decision to officially recognise Wiccans. St Andrews University, whose graduates include Prince William, has decided to allocate an area for followers of the alternative religion to hold festivals and rituals after university bosses feared they could be prosecuted under human rights legislation. Now pagan or wiccans as they prefer to be called, will be allowed to use campus buildings and outdoor space for festivals, providing they do not utter incantations or spells that might harm others. Nor may not raise spirits or to call up dark forces, and ritual nudity is strictly forbidden. The Catholic chaplain who did not want to be named dismissed fears by the local MSP, a Christian, that the university's decision was 'political correctness gone mad.' 'We do more harm than good if we take pagans seriously,' he said. 'I would not want to be seen as restricting freedom of speech or human rights. After all, we do live in a multi-cultural society and as long as they do not break the law, I do not see a problem. There are all sorts of student bodies and groups. One group in England started a sheep counting society. Its all just harmless. There's no reason to try and stop them.'"