Spiritual Convenience Food for the God-Shaped Hole In Your Life

January 9, 2009

Author: Duke Helfand

Source: Irish Times/The Los Angeles Times


Ever-adaptable American capitalism is pioneering new products to bring religion to those in a big hurry, writes Duke Helfand in Los Angeles

So you're racing through another jam-packed day, late picking up the children from football practice because you got stuck at the office. Then you pay the bills, walk the dog and perhaps grab some cold pizza before collapsing into bed.

When do you ever find time for God? One US publisher has the answer: The One-Minute Bible, Day by Day, whose brief readings promise to inspire your "daily walk with the Lord".

Or check out 5-Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time.

Because man does not live by bread alone - and might be tempted to eat on the run - there's Aunt Susie's 10-Minute Bible Dinners: Bringing God into Your Life One Dish at a Time.

The American style of worship, like everything else in our overloaded lives, is speeding up. Call it God on the go.

This hurried search for the Almighty partly explains the rise of a niche industry of books, DVDs, podcasts, text messages and e-mail blasts that distil the essentials of faith.