Speakers at Interfaith Dialogue Conference Call for Inter-Religious Harmony

May 2, 2006

Source: New Nation


On May 2, 2006 the New Nation reported, "Speakers at a national interfaith dialogue in the city have emphasised the need for maintaining inter-religion harmony to ensure peace across the globe. Addressing the dialogue on 'Strengthening Social Stability in Bangladesh' held at CIRDAP auditorium, they said all religions are for peace and no religion preaches enmity among the people. The speakers said the people follow the values and believes of their religion but religious fanaticism destroys harmony in the country. They observed that none should tarnish the image of the country as a moderate Muslim country with false accusation of torture or repression on minority people to meet their political ends. Organised by the Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT), the dialogue was participated by religious thinkers and scholars of the four main religions in the country-Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist."