Southern Baptist Church Distributes Prayer Guides to Help Convert Hindus

November 8, 1999

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On November 8, 1999, The Houston Chronicle reported that the Hindus of Greater Houston organized a rally on Sunday, November 7th outside of the Second Baptist Church to protest the recent SBC prayer guide for converting Hindus. More than 100 people attended the protest, including several Jews, carrying signs saying, "Religious Intolerance is Un-American," and "The Truth is One. The Paths are Many." Gary Moore, spokesman of the 26,000 member Second Baptist Church, had not seen the guide, but spoke on behalf of Southern Baptists: "Anytime you are dealing with folks as I would say outside the faith, you have to be careful of where they are coming from, what's their traditions, what their culture is, and all that sort of thing...But there still comes that dividing line of what we view as the truth." Aruna Viswanathan, a Rice University student who attended the protest, stated: "I'm not a political animal...But in my heart I believe in my religion, and I believe in the value of my culture and where I came from. And I'm not out here to tell other people to believe in it, but I'm saying understand it first."