South Asian Solidarity After September 11

December 19, 2001


On December 19, 2001, published another view on South Asian solidarity in the editorial "E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One." It noted, "While the invocation of this phrase certainly is appropriate for America as a whole, its message is particularly relevant to the South Asian-American community, which has been placed under considerable strain over the past few weeks. As increasing numbers of South Asian Americans suffer harassment, violence, and even death, our community as a whole may experience a splintering that is the product of intimidation and fear. To counter this trend, it is critical that we present a unified voice and devise a cohesive strategy in response to these discriminatory acts." The editorial continued, "Instead of letting these incidents of post-terrorism discrimination balkanize our community along the lines of ethnic group and class, we must continue the process of education while vocalizing our disgust for all forms of ethnic discrimination."