Some Local Religious Leaders want Degree Program, Interfaith Chapel

November 9, 2006

Author: Lenita Powers

Source: Reno Gazette Powers

A group of local religious leaders wants an interfaith chapel built on the University of Nevada, Reno [UNR] campus and a degree program in religious studies established.

The requests came after UNR President Milton Glick invited representatives of six Reno-Sparks area faiths to meet with him to discuss how they could work together to help increase students' success in higher education.

The representatives asked for an interfaith chapel to be built and for the establishment of a Religious Studies Department with bachelor's and master's degree programs, said Rajan Zed, director of public affairs for the Hindu Temple of Northern Nevada.

"We have no chapel where people of all faiths can meet or meditate, so we wanted something that is interfaith with no signs of any religion," Zed said.