Some 1,500 Attend VPPS Hindu Temple Opening in Southwest Houston

June 25, 2005

Source: Houston Chronicle

On June 25, 2005 the Houston Chronicle reported, "More than 1,500 people attended opening ceremonies Saturday at the new 40,000-square-foot temple of the Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj, a 500-year-old Hindu sect. Participants happily chanted at the unveiling of the statue of the Shri Nathji, or Lord Krishna, one of the main deities of Hinduism, in a colorful ceremony celebrated by leaders of the faith. The temple was brought to life spiritually in an earlier private ceremony led by leaders of the faith who had traveled from India to the temple, also known as a mandir, in southwest Houston... The southwest Houston temple... is the largest temple of the V.P.P.S. Hindu sect in the southwestern United States, [Rassah Dalal, a trustee of the new temple] said. There are similar temples in New York and Los Angeles."