Solstice Coverage

December 21, 1999

Source: The Boston Globe

On December 21, 1999, The Boston Globe published an article on the full moon and Pagan solstice celebrations. Pagans celebrate the winter solstice as 'Yule', the rebirth of the Sun. Karen Thorne of Lincoln, Massachusetts, a professional astrologer, stated: "The moon mythically represents our unconsciousness, and a full moon on the solstice at the end of the century is significant...I don't think that there will be any one dramatic occurrence, but there could be profound changes in our collective unconsciousness that will bring new insights." Cheryl Masson of Rehoboth, MA, a priestess in the Church if Wicca and chairwoman of the Witches League for Public Awareness, is coordinating a "Goddess 2000" celebration that will be held in a American Legion hall in Seekonk, MA. "Goddess 2000" is an international project involving Pagan groups from across the United States and 32 other countries. "Witches and others will gather around the world to celebrate the solstice," Masson says, and "to focus their energy to create awareness in the coming millennium of what we call 'the goddess,' the feminine element of the universal life force." Masson will also participate in the dedication of a site for a new temple in Dighton, MA that she has co-founded with Laurie Cabot of Salem.