Skepticism Expressed Over AFA Report, Citing Yale Divinity School's Previous Study

June 24, 2005

Source: Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_21_3879019,00.html

On June 24, 2005 the Rocky Mountain News reported, "A House Armed Services subcommittee will hold a hearing Tuesday on religious tolerance at the Air Force Academy, and one scheduled witness is not impressed by a Pentagon report on the issue. 'I think that what they're saying is that everything that has happened (at the academy) has been anecdotal, that they will look at these things individually, but they don't add up to anything larger,' Kristen Leslie, an assistant professor of pastoral care and counseling at Yale Divinity School, said Thursday. 'It talks about a "perception" of religious intolerance,' Leslie said. 'That's saying that anyone who has experienced it is a nut or is oversensitive, or that it is their own problem. That is ridiculous.' Leslie and a team of Yale Divinity School graduate students visited the academy in July 2004 and found evidence of 'stridently evangelical themes' that challenged the ideal of spiritual diversity and understanding."