Sikhs Without Hardhats at Quebec Port Allege Continued Discrimination

April 7, 2006

Source: Sikhnet

On April 7, 2006 Sikhnet reported, "Sikh truckers at the Port of Montreal say they remain victims of discrimination. They say they declared victory too soon, and say they are still being treated as second class citizens at the port. And now they're threatening legal action.

Workers are supposed to wear hard hats at the port. But the 300 Sikhs who work at the port say they cannot wear hard hats with their turbans, and their religion forbids them from removing their turban. Last month, the port decided to allow Sikhs to work without hard hats, on the condition they don't get out of their trucks.

But now Sikhs say while other truckers get served within 15 minutes, they are made to wait two hours at times."