Sikhs Sue Marine Corps Over Restrictions on Beards

April 11, 2022

A Marine artillery captain named Sukhbir Singh Toor has been on a mission over the past year to become the first Sikh in the United States Marine Corps allowed to openly practice his religion while in uniform.

During that time he has won a string of victories against the strict dress standards of the Marine Corps, and he can now wear the beard, long hair and turban required of a faithful Sikh while on duty. But recently, the Marine Corps dug in, refusing to allow him or any other Sikh to wear a beard on a combat deployment or during boot camp, saying that beards would hinder the corps’s ability to function and put lives at risk.

On Monday, Captain Toor and three other Sikhs sued the Marine Corps in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, saying the corps’s refusal to grant a religious waiver is arbitrary and discriminatory, and violates the constitutional right to free exercise of their religion.

Source: Sikhs Sue Marine Corps Over Restrictions on Beards