Sikhs Manage Smoothly Task of Feeding Thousands

December 23, 2003

Source: The Age

On December 23, 2003 The Age ran a feature article on the preparations for the langar (community meal) at the Sikh gurdwara in Blackburn for the celebration of Guru Nanak's birthday: "Rather than the usual hundreds, today the temple is expecting more than 1000 worshippers. To feed them all, 10 families have banded together - for not only will they prepare the meal, they will also donate the ingredients for the raita, curries, salads, breads and the sweets that close the meal. Only one of their number is a chef - Amarjit Wahi, owner of the Indian Harvest. The rest of the crew includes a bank teller, a teacher, an industrial chemist, an electrical engineer and a computer programmer. I arrive expecting chaos - this is a huge task to attempt with a team of hardened professionals, let alone amateurs, and while there are some undoubtedly good home chefs among them, at least one of the husbands admits his kitchen skills are limited to making chai (Indian spiced tea). Instead, I walk into the calmest commercial kitchen I have ever visited."