Sikh Woman Plans Diwali Celebration

October 7, 2006


Source: Chico Enterprise-Record

Harminder Bhogal, who was born in the Indian state of Punjab, enjoys almost everything about Chico.

"It's just our town -- a nice place to raise kids, much better than being in a busy city life," she said.

But one thing is missing.

"There's nothing happening in terms of (Indian) religion and culture," she said.

Bhogal is not one to simply accept an adverse situation.

She's working on the problem.

All over India, in a couple of weeks, people will celebrate a festive holiday called Diwali (it's pronounced Dee-vahlee).

It's a great time for everyone, and especially children, Bhogal said. There are lights everywhere, and people set off fireworks.

The five-day festival focuses on Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, Boghal said. People honor her, hoping that they will have a prosperous year.

In India, people prepare for Diwali by cleaning their homes and giving them a new coat of paint. They also buy new clothes for the occasion.