Sikh Student Wins "City Idol" Contest, Runs for Office

July 3, 2006

Source: SikhNet/University of Toronto News

On July 3, 2006 University of Toronto News reported, "The slate of candidates for this fall’s Toronto municipal election will have a U of T flavour, thanks to the recent City Idol competition. U of T students Amarjeet Chhabra and Bahar Aminvaziri and alumnus Arthur Roszak will all be running for office with help from the non-profit group Who Runs This Town? This is the prize for victory in the civics competition based loosely on the popular Canadian Idol television series. City Idol is the brainchild Dave Meslin of Who Runs This Town? It was billed as a competition of ideas for a better city and served as a way of engaging more people in the political process. Competitors put their ideas for improving Toronto to the test of an audience vote and the least impressive were 'voted off the island.' Chhabra, Aminvaziri and Roszak were the last candidates standing in their regional competitions. These three victors, along with fellow regional winner Desmond Cole, will now receive support in running a political campaign for a seat on Toronto city council. Chhabra, a political science and life science student at U of T at Scarborough, is a member of the Toronto Youth Cabinet executive. She has been an active participant in volunteer activities since coming to Canada from India as a high school student."