"The Sikh on the Street" Film Serves to Educate Americans About Sikhism

September 21, 2006

Source: SikhNet News


On September 21, 2006 SikhNet News reported, "In late 2005, a group of Sikh Americans decided to film a series of interviews on the streets of Washington, DC to see if their fellow Americans could correctly identify followers of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion based in the Northwest Indian state of Punjab. In the aftermath of 9/11, the Sikhs faced unwanted scrutiny due to their unique identity of colorful turbans and uncut hair or were mistaken to be followers of the Islamic faith. With intensive education done in the post 9/11 era about Sikhism, this group of Sikh Americans hoped to find that society was now able to easily distinguish who they were by their identities. Their high hopes left them dejected. Under the banner of the film group Dashmesh Pictures, the group decided to release these interviews in a short non-profit film in hopes to provide continuous awareness of the Sikh faith. Titled 'The Sikh on the Street,' the film will be premiered in two separate film festivals in Washington DC and Toronto on October 1st."