Sikh Named Director of Chaplaincy Services at Canada Varsity

October 4, 2006

Author: Ajit Jain

Source: Rediff

From Air Canada manager in Montreal to director of Chaplaincy Services at McGill University is quite a drastic change for Manjit Singh.

After his retirement from Air Canada a few years back, he opted to volunteer to become part of a group of clergies -- ordained Christian priests, a rabbi, a Muslim and a Buddhist -- at McGill University.

So far the director of Chaplaincy Services was Gwenda Wells. She decided to step down a few weeks back and the university decided that Manjit Singh will "assume the duties of director of the Chaplaincy Service for a three-year term," said university spokesperson Cathie Sheeran in a press release.

It is the first time that a non-Christian has been named to this position, Singh told in a telephone interview from Montreal.

"It's a multi-faith chaplaincy with 12 chaplains: Seven of them are from different Christian traditions, there are 2 Jewish Rabbis, one each is Muslim, Buddhist and Sikh. There's no Hindu clergy so far," he said.