Sikh Man Files Complaint Against Subway Restaurant Over Turban Discrimination

December 11, 2003

Source: CBC News

On December 11, 2003 CBC News reported, "A Sikh man who owns four Subway sandwich shops says he was told he couldn't wear his turban in his own stores. Hardip Singh Brah, who filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, says a representative from the Subway chain visited one of his outlets and told him the traditional head gear wasn't part of the official Subway uniform. 'He said I cannot wear a diaper on my head,' Brah, 56, told a news conference on Thursday. 'I've lost a lot of respect and my health. And I was shocked myself.' The Subway representative said the uniform for an employee working behind the counter consists of a black hat or visor. Brah said investigators for the human rights commission upheld his complaint."