Sikh Man Attacked in Oxford, Turban Torn Off

May 31, 2006

Source: Oxford Mail

On May 31, 2006 the Oxford Mail reported, "A Sikh man was verbally abused by two racist thugs and had his turban torn off while up to 40 onlookers stood by and did nothing.

The attack on Rattandeep Singh Ahluwalia in Oxford city centre comes a day after 19-year-old student Tom Grant was stabbed to death on a train after going to somone's aid.

Mr. Ahluwalia was waiting at a bus stop outside HSBC bank in Queen Street at midnight on Sunday when a man started swearing and shouting racist insults at him.

The stranger grabbed hold of the 26-year-old's turban a traditional head-dress worn as a sign of devotion to God and threw it on the pavement.

As Mr. Ahluwalia struggled to defend himself, another man waved his fists in his face and also shouted racist abuse.

The former student, who was heading home to Whitson Place, Cowley, after a day of praying in London, was shocked none of the people around him tried to help...

He was not seriously injured but has been left traumatised and shaken by the attack."