Sikh Diaspora Condemns Bhutto Killing

December 29, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Times of India

Sikh community all over the world has condemned Benzir Bhutto's assassination in Rawalpindi, yesterday. Maan Singh, SAD leader from Switzerland says, "Benazir had never created any obstacle in the freedom of Sikhs in Pakistan and had rather helped the community he furthers adds that the Sikh community of Switzerland censures the assassination of Bhutto and firmly stood behind Bhutto family in their trying times."

Karan Singh, founder president of Sikh Foundation told TOI over phone that they held special ceremony at the Gurdwara and offered prayers for her family's well being. He said, a Sikh delegation would soon be visiting Pakistan to meet Bhutto family. In a similar reaction, Gurcharan Singh Goraya, SAD leader from Germany told that Benazir, during her prime ministership, had opened several historical Gurdwara's and had worked to promote religious tourism for Sikhs there in Pakistan.