Sikh Curriculum Spreads From Maryland to Virginia

April 19, 2010

Author: Anju Kaur

Source: SikhNN

School-Approved Resources Make Vaisakhi Outreach Easier for Parents

Nanaki, 4, often munched on goldfish crackers as she sat with her parents in meeting after meeting with Loudon County public schools officials. She and her brother, Divjot, 9, were real examples of Sikh kids that helped educators visualize the need for teaching Sikh culture to mainstream students. 

It took about two years, but the effort paid off last month when the county sent the Kaur Foundation’s ‘Cultural Safari’ video and resource guides to all of its 55 elementary school libraries. 

“The Kaur Foundation provided materials and resources, which was sent out to all the (elementary school) libraries,” said William Brazier, the county’s public schools supervisor for social sciences. Teachers have the option of working it into the curriculum, he said.

Brazier also sent an email to all elementary school social sciences teachers, in which he said that the foundation created and “excellent short DVD on what it means to be a member of the Sikh community and what some of the Sikh cultural practices look like and why the practices are carried out.”