Sikh Crossing Guard Plays Santa

December 22, 2003

Source: Herald Sun,5478,8231483%255E2862,00.html

On December 22, 2003 the Herald Sun reported, "All year, Gursharan Singh Bhatia is lollipop man at the Medina Rd crossing outside Glendal Primary School in Glen Waverley. But for the last few school days before Christmas, he leaves his traditional Sikh turban at home and doffs a Father Christmas hat. All the Glendal kids, their parents and the staff, call him Gooch. The stop sign in one hand and a basket of lollies in the other have made Gooch an institution. The Sikh Santa even gets a friendly wave and a toot from motorists and bus drivers, and often they too get to take their pick from Gooch's basket of goodies. 'The turban is a symbol of my religion, but I believe in everything, my religion is all in here,' Gooch said, patting his chest. 'I believe in humanity.'"