Sikh Community in Bedford Gets New Gurdwara

April 10, 2007

Source: Sikh News Network

Tuesday, 10 April 2007 - LONDON: The Sikh community in Bedford has got a new worship place, a spanking new gurdwara, the first to be built in the traditional Sikh style in Britain.

The 4-million-pound gurdwara was the only project to be awarded any money by the Millennium Commission - an independent body established in 1993 to distribute lottery money for buildings, environmental projects and community schemes.

The granite and marble used for the gurdwara were brought from western India along with 20 stonemasons who worked for a year and a half to craft the building.

The gurdwara is part of a 2.5-acre complex, complete with community centre and kitchens that can cater for up to 500 people for celebrations, the Bedford Tuesday reported.