Sikh Coalition Wants Terror Label Lifted From Outlawed Groups

April 17, 2007

Author: Kim Bolan

Source: Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER - A coalition of Canadian Sikhs is putting forward a new "Sikh agenda for the Canadian government" to make a series of demands, including reversing a ban on terrorist organizations and support for the creation of a separate Sikh country called Khalistan, the Vancouver Sun has learned.

A draft of the eight-point program was posted on a popular Sikh chatroom April 12 to elicit support and comments from members of the Canadian Sikh community.

The comprehensive document says it's important for Sikhs in Canada to have a common position in lobbying the federal government and opposition members of Parliament.

"An eight-point Sikh agenda is being launched on the eve of the next national elections in Canada to make public a distinct range of aims and objectives for the Canadian Sikh community," says the document preamble.

"The Sikh agenda has been arrived at after widespread consultation and represents the aspirations of the disparate parts of the Canadian Sikh community. It is hoped the agenda will be progressed over the next four years with the Canadian government, the Opposition and individual members of Parliament."