"Shopping for God:" Salt Lake Journalist Visits Area Religious Groups, Writes Reports for "Seeking"

October 6, 2005

Source: Salt Lake City Weekly


On October 6, 2005 the Salt Lake City Weekly ran a feature article by Stephen Dark, a freelance writer. He provided readers with an overview of religious communities in and around Salt Lake City including Jewish, Quaker, Baptist, Mormon, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist centers. The following is part of the introduction to Dark's work: "Amidst the panoply of old and new religions, mega-churches and one-man-bands, the quest to find a spiritual home sometimes feels like being in a tiny boat buffeted by a sea of ranting slogans and flailing ad campaigns... Before you’re separated from your hard-earned bucks as you seek to invest in eternity, reincarnation, karma or whatever tickles your fancy, how are you to make your choice? Easy. What do you do before any purchase of consequence? Shop around. And who better to fill out the report cards than someone raised on the other side of the Atlantic in the stuffy environs of the Church of England, for whom Mormon and Baptist, Muslim and Buddhist, are all equally (wholly and, er Holy) virgin territory?"