Shootings at a Los Angeles Jewish Center

August 13, 1999

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On August 13, 1999, The Houston Chronicle published an editorial opinion by Donna Ostrower, executive director of the Houston Chapter of the American Jewish Committee. Ostrower writes about hate groups such as Christian Identity and World Church of the Creator, with whom Buford Furrow, Timothy McVeigh, and Benjamin Smith had connections. With about 90 ministries in 34 states, Christian Identity is able to promulgate its racist theological message.According to Ostrower, Christian Identity "distorts Genesis to preach that people of color are a pre-Adamic creation, like beasts, and that God later created Adam and Eve, who gave birth to Abel, whose descendants are white, Nordic, Aryan types, i.e., the "real" chosen people. According to this racist interpretation of Genesis, Eve was later impregnated by Satan, producing Cain, and his descendants are the Jews."