Shelter from the Storm at a Vietnamese Convent in Houston

September 2, 2005

Source: NCM

On September 2, 2005 New California Media reported, "In just a few days, the population of Da Minh Convent in Houston, Texas, has increased more than 3 folds. The convent which housed 50 nuns received more than 100 refugees, victims of Katrina Hurricane. More are still coming. Sister Hang Pham said: 'Since Monday, while the news of Katrina came to us, Da Minh Convent still didn’t know how we could help. But then, from Saigon Houston Radio, we heard that Hong Kong 4 shopping mall is the place where refugees are coming looking to for help. The first few days, Vietnamese arrived to Houston not knowing where to stay. Some were sleeping in their cars and others sleeping on the sidewalks. So we, along with other organizations, offered some to come to our convent.' Sister Pham laughed: 'But don’t worry, we are not asking them to convert!' According to Sister Theresa, there are now more than 200 people signing up to stay at the convent. More than 100 are now living in the convent’s recreation room."