Sharing Religions

October 3, 2006


Source: Orange County Register

In a society where religious differences can be sensitive, sometimes all it takes are young, eager minds to break the ice.

To learn more about one another's faiths, students from Morasha Jewish Day School, St. John's Episcopal School and New Horizon Islamic Elementary School will interact, engage in hands-on activities, and create art and poetry pieces over the next few weeks.

The fourth- through eighth-grade students are taking part in a semesterlong study of Christianity, Islam and Judaism orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League Orange County/Long Beach Region's Jerusalem Sky Project.

The children recently held the first of four meetings, focusing on the Muslim faith at New Horizon in Irvine.

"We're practically the same," said Diana Kalaji, a sixth-grader from New Horizon who learned that her Jewish and Christian peers have a holy book as well, and believe in some of the same prophets.