Several Religious Groups Advocate for Banning Juvenile Executions

March 9, 2005

Source: Beliefnet

Wire Service: RNS

On March 9, 2005 Beliefnet reported, "a U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday (March 1) banning execution of juvenile offenders is finding strong support among some national religious groups. The 5-4 decision in Roper v. Simmons will remove about 70 individuals from death row who were convicted of murders committed before they turned 18. Prosecutors will also be prevented from seeking the death penalty for future cases of juvenile capital crime. The Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, domestic policy committee chair for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in a statement that the conference has taken a stance for decades against the death penalty for all offenders... The United Church of Christ also weighed in with a statement supporting the decision. The Rev. Sala Gonzales Nolan, a UCC spokesman, said all human beings should have a chance at redemption and 'vengeance does not belong to us.'"