Senator Announces Bill that Would Ban Testing on Muslim Holidays

June 8, 2006

Source: Brooklyn Downtown Star

On June 8, 2006 the Brooklyn Downtown Star reported, "Last week, State Senator John Sabini announced that he is introducing legislation that would prohibit State Regents exams from being scheduled during two of the holiest days on the Muslim calendar. Joined by State Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry, parents, students, and leading Muslim educational leaders such as Dr. Ghassan Elcheikhali, principal of The Razi School, Senator Sabini said that his new bill would put education back where it belonged: in the hands of students. 'The results of these tests will follow these children through college,' he said. 'No New York City child should have their educational future put at risk because of some bureaucrats in Albany.' Sabini said that more observant Muslims are being educated in the New York City public school system than ever before. Because of that fact, he said it was high time that Regent schedulers acknowledge them the same way they do other groups."