Selena Fox to Speak on Pagan Freedoms Rising

January 15, 2008

Source: Pagan News Media

Selena Fox, High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary and Executive Director of the Lady Liberty League, will be speaking on Pagan Freedoms Rising this coming weekend, January 18-21, 2008 in Maryland.

In her presentation, Selena will talk about the successes and challenges of working for equal rights for Pagans in America over the past thirty years, including last year's Veteran Pentacle Quest victory, and also will share some strategies for present and future efforts. She will talk about the defeat of federal anti-Pagan legislation (Helms amendment in 1985, Barr's legislation in 1999) and discuss some court battles that have impacted Pagan rights. In addition, she will talk about the struggles for achieve equality in the realms of employment, business zoning, cemeteries, military affairs, prisons, child custody disputes, universities, and other parts of society. She also will briefly talk about Pagan rights work internationally.