Second Subway Manager Accuses Development Agent of Discrimination

December 26, 2003

Source: The Globe and Mail

On December 26, 2003 The Globe and Mail reported, "Another manager of a Subway Restaurants franchise in Edmonton has come forward with a complaint of religious discrimination, alleging an official of the sandwich chain refused to let him wear his turban while serving customers. The complaint is the second made public recently by Sikh Subway franchisees and managers against Dan Mohan, the sandwich chain's development agent in Calgary. Mr. Mohan has not returned several calls. Harminder Pandher said Mr. Mohan was discourteous, made fun of his religion and told him he could not wear his turban, a key article of his Sikh faith. 'I did the training course in Connecticut [Subway head office] with the turban on and worked in stores there and never had a problem,' said Mr. Pandher, 41, who managed a store owned by his wife. 'Then in the year 2000, I was told I must wear Subway visors or baseball caps. I said, 'Why is this coming up now?' Mr. Pandher decided to air his complaint publicly after Hardip Singh Brah, another Sikh franchisee in Edmonton, made his religious-discrimination case public earlier this month."