Schwarzenegger's Call for Immigrant Markers Opposed by Rabbis in CA

June 25, 2004

Source: NCM

On June 25, 2004 NCM reported, "In an open letter to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger several California rabbis say they oppose 'in the strongest terms possible' his recent suggestion that a marker or identifier be placed on driver's licenses given to undocumented immigrants.

The June 23 letter, which is signed by six rabbis, also expresses support for the bill currently being considered in the State Senate that would allow undocumented immigrants to hold California driver's licenses if they undergo fingerprinting and background checks.

But the rabbis, all from Southern California, say Schwarzenegger's proposal to add immigration status data to the licenses is 'inappropriate at best and deeply upsetting at worst' and 'will be used by some person to treat undocumented people with scorn and ethnic discrimination.' "