School Unlawfully Asks Girls to Remove Hijab Before Exams

April 11, 2005

Source: Daily Times

On April 11, 2005 the Daily Times reported, "The city [Karachi] government’s education authorities have taken notice of an incident at an examination centre in which 10 girls were forced to take off their hijabs and burqas before appearing in the ongoing SSC examinations. 'These girls had been asked to remove their scarves and burqas (veil) to become eligible to take examinations and it is a clear-cut violation of the city nazim’s instructions banning such practice,' Mujahid Barkati, a member of the City Council and head of a team investigating the incident, told the Daily Times. He said the two-member team had met the 10 girls who complained that invigilators at Angels Garden Public School in Block-1 of Gulistan-e-Jauhar had refused to allow these girls appearing in the examination on April 5 and they could only be permitted after the girls took off their hijabs and burqas."