Saudi-American Woman Running for CA State Assembly

September 17, 2004

Source: Christian Science Monitor

On September 17, 2004 Christian Science Monitor reported, "Ferial al-Masry, who is the Democratic candidate for California's 37th Assembly District after a write-in campaign that drew local, national, and international attention... [Masry] is breaking stereotypes of Arab Muslim women as she seeks to become the first Saudi-born American to hold elective office in the United States... Because of her diverse background, they felt Masry could also be the bridge between Democrats and Republicans in a district polarized in recent years by candidates who they feel do not adequately represent the middle ground of voters there... Though some feel that the post-Sept. 11 era has brought advances in some Arab and Muslim quarters, many in the Arab community feel that the image has backslid in recent years and that the Masry candidacy can help reverse the slide."