San Diego Woman Teaches about Islam at Local Schools

February 8, 2002

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

On February 8, 2002, The San Diego Union-Tribune featured a story on Tehseen Lazzouni, a local Mulsim American woman active in the community. "In September 2000, Lazzouni, with the help of four other Muslims, formed the Islamic Speakers Bureau, which has 10 volunteer speakers who go into schools to talk to students about Islam... Lazzouni knew that many teachers were calling local mosques to find Muslims to come and speak to their students... Peter Evans, a social studies teacher at Torrey Pines [High School], will be bringing his American government class to listen to Lazzouni speak. He said this is the type of activity that can help his students 'understand and build tolerance'... For Lazzouni, it is important to educate others because 'there is so much people don't know about Islam.' And she believes that people fear what they don't know."