San Diego Palestinian and Israeli Americans Active in Dialogue Groups for Peace

March 28, 2002

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

On March 28, 2002, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that San Diego "area residents of Palestinian and Israeli descent joined Tuesday night to urge a peace built on mutual respect to end the bloodshed in the Middle East... Some of the speakers at Church of the Good Samaritan in La Jolla [CA] called on the U.S. government to become more actively involved in brokering a settlement of the recent upsurge in killings in Israel and adjoining Palestinian territories... 'We're here calling for dialogue. We're not on opposing sides,' said Miko Peled of Coronado, who is Jewish... Peled's family was active in founding and developing Israel, and he now participates with Arabs locally in what members call dialogue groups that encourage people in the Mideast to live peaceably. Several of the dialogue groups organized Tuesday's program, attended by about 250 people."