San Diego Muslims, Arabs Push for Middle East Ceasefire

July 20, 2006

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

On July 20, 2006 The San Diego Union-Tribune reported, "Local Muslims and Arab-Americans Thursday called for the Bush administration to push for a cease-fire in Lebanon, where they say their relatives are trapped because of the recent fighting between the Israeli army and the Hezbollah militia. The group voiced its opposition to the current Middle East conflict and criticized the United States' response to the back-and-forth rocket attacks at a news conference held at the San Diego Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. 'It is a shame as well as a crime that such destruction is happening with the political and financial support of our government,' said Edgar D. Hopida, director of public relations for the San Diego chapter. During the past nine days of conflict, the Israeli government has pledged to continue its aggressive offensive against Hezbollah forces until two captured Israeli soldiers are freed. The conflict has so far led to the deaths of at least 300 people in Lebanon and 30 in Israel. The United States has evacuated at least 1,200 Americans from Lebanon by sea and air. It has not requested a cease-fire."