Rose Hamid, a Flight Attendant and a Muslim Leader

February 25, 2006

Source: Charlotte Observer

On February 25, 2006 the Charlotte Observer ran a feature article on Rose Hamid, a Muslim woman who is a flight attendant for US Airways. "It took some time for US Airways to allow Hamid, 46, to fly while wearing the hijab. She began working as a flight attendant with Piedmont Airlines in 1985. But that was a decade before her faith stirred her to begin wearing a hijab in public. When she sought to put on the covering on the job, the company moved her to a ground job training flight attendants. She enjoyed it, but welcomed US Airways' allowing her to return to the skies last August and work while displaying her religious conviction... Hamid's yearning to return to the air sprang from her life's desire to be a flight attendant. The passion bloomed when she was 8 and a flight attendant was especially nice to her on a flight with her family to Cleveland... That explains why Hamid wanted to fly. Wearing the hijab, on or off the job, is just part of who she is."