Right-Wing Hindus Urge India to Protect Muslim Author

November 26, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Yahoo! News

Wire Service: AFP


Opposition Hindu nationalists Monday pressed New Delhi to provide security to Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen, who faces death threats from Muslim groups at home and in India.

The demand came with Nasreen in hiding in the Indian capital after being escorted out of the eastern city of Kolkata and then Jaipur in the north following protests by thousands of Muslims demanding her expulsion.

"It is shameful and disgraceful the manner Nasreen is being made to run for her life," Ram Jethmalani, a senior MP from the right-wing nationalist BJP party, told parliament's upper house.

Extremist Muslims accuse Nasreen of blasphemy over her 1994 novel "Lajja" or "Shame" and have called for her execution for that and other works.