Rev. Moon Announces Peace Bridge, Encourages Americans to Engage in Interreligious Dialogue

June 25, 2005

Source: US Newswire

On June 25, 2005 a US Newswire press release reported, "The Reverend Sun Myung Moon will unveil his proposal for the construction of a 51-mile-long bridge between Alaska and Siberia that would link America's fortune with that of Russia... In addition, Rev. Moon will issue a new challenge to America, calling for Christians, Muslims and Jews to overcome their differences, promote interreligious dialogue, encourage interfaith marriage, and work as 'Ambassadors for Peace' in the Middle East and the world. Moon says that if the U.S. does not quickly respond, God will choose another nation for His Will. [N]ow is God['s] Time, says Moon, 85. [H]e cannot be satisfied with only spiritual progress. Heaven cannot tolerate religious and ethnic divisions any longer."