Reunion Island Hindus Request Religious Holidays

September 29, 2005

Source: Temoignages (French journal)

On September 29, 2005 Temoignages reported, "The Tamil Sangam on Reunion Island (an Overseas Department of France, located off the coast of Africa) requests that Tamil New Year and Deepavali be made public holidays. The regional association, Tamil Sangam, wants Tamil New Year's day and Deepavali to be included in the calendar of the public holidays, according to its president, Selvam Chanemougame. This request, also made in the past, is being raised again to coincide with the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy, Frances's Minister for Home Affairs, to the island this week. The Association has asked the minister to set up a think-tank under the aegis of the Prefect, with the participation of the multi-religious dialogue group, in order to propose a calendar of festivals 'more faithful to the cultural practices of the island.'"