Response to Removal of Judge Roy Moore From Post

November 13, 2003

Source: Anti-Defamation League

On November 13, 2003 Anti-Defamation League reported that they "welcomed the decision by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary to remove Roy Moore from his position as Alabama's Chief Justice.� The Court ruled unanimously that Justice Moore should be removed because of his outright defiance of a federal court order directing him to remove a huge granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the rotunda of the state judicial building." Deborah Lauter, ADL Southeast Regional Director, stated that "today's action against Roy Moore constitutes a ringing reaffirmation that the rule of law will prevail, and that anyone who defies the law, including the Chief Justice of a state, will face the consequences.� We commend Alabama Attorney General William Pryor for the successful prosecution of this matter."