Residents of Oshkosh Witness Hindu Wedding

April 30, 2006

Source: The Northwestern

On April 30, 2006 The Northwestern reported, "Colorful garbs, Indian music and dancing livened otherwise quiet streets near the Grand Opera House Saturday in festive celebration of another Roy family traditional Hindu wedding. Groom Raj Dhanasekaran, 28, arrived by horse and carriage in a procession that briefly closed down a stretch from the Park Plaza to the Grand. Horns welcomed his advent as he awaited his bride. Oshkosh native Raina Roy, 28, arrived in front of the opera house in an ornate red and gold palanquin, with six married men bearing the wooden carriage. The couple exchanged excited smiles and little waves from a distance. Curious community members took note, stopping to watch the splendid mid-afternoon spectacle... The couple will hold a second ceremony May 24 at the great Meenakshi Temple in India, where Hindu wedding fanfare typically spans seven days."