Research Reveals that British Hindus Feel Excluded from Anti-Racism Efforts

July 11, 2006

Source: BBC News

On July 11, 2006 BBC News reported, "Hindus in the UK feel not enough effort is being made to include them in anti-racist initiatives, a report from the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) says. About 800 Hindus were surveyed for what the HFB says is the first targeted research project on the community. The government-sponsored report is due to be launched on Tuesday by Secretary of State for Communities Ruth Kelly. Ms Kelly said the research raised 'important issues' between Hindu communities and the government. 'All of us, including central government and public services, have a role to play in helping Britain move towards an inclusive society, based on mutual respect, tolerance and understanding between people of all faiths,' Ms Kelly said. Hindu Forum of Britain spokesman Ramesh Kallidai said the report showed the UK's third-biggest faith group still faced 'multiple disadvantage and discrimination'. 'The Connecting British Hindus report is one of the first sources of authentic and credible information that will seek to understand some of these issues,' Mr Kallidai said."