Reno Jews and Muslims Build Stronger Relationships

September 25, 2006

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

On September 25, 2006 Reno Gazette-Journal reported, "A visit by Reno-area Jews to the Northern Nevada Muslim Community Center on Sunday involved more than Ramadan and the Jewish High Holy Days falling at the same time. It's about building ties between Muslims and Jews. Local Muslims invited Temple Sinai members to the community center and mosque to break a Ramadan fast at sundown Sunday. The gathering in Sparks was planned as Jews observe the High Holy Days and Ramadan gets under way. At least a dozen members of Temple Sinai visited the Muslim community center. 'A lot of Muslims and Jews are cousins, neighbors, and we have a lot of common problems,' said Mike Medvin of Temple Sinai. 'If we can't sit down and have dinner together and talk, we're never going to be able to solve the problems. If people do not stand up together and speak against inhumanity, there will always be inhumanity,' he added."