Remembering 9/11: �Call to Unity� in Sacramento

September 17, 2004

Source: NCM

On September 17, 2004 NCM reported, "[a] program to remember 9/11 was held in Davis, California at the beautiful Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center on Sept. 11, 2004. This third annual 'A Call for Unity' event exemplified both a learning experience and an attempt at damage control. Led locally by Jeff Von Kaenel, owner of the 'Sacramento News and Review' newspaper with the participation of the area Inter-faith Community, this event annually negates the work of those who would be more than happy to divide us... The flags of the United States and California were brought in to commence the formalities. Performances included a Jewish folk tune, a Hindu chant, Native American and Muslim chants and Christian songs. The theme 'In the beginning, there was light,' and the various ways in which we worship this light, certainly had the audience at attention. Fire, water, air and earth were all honored here. The candlelit background enhanced the spiritual dances performed. Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and many other spiritual paths, including those of the Buddha and Lord Krishna were highlighted."