‘Motown Witch’ brings ancestral wisdom to Detroit’s west side with metaphysical supply

March 18, 2021

You can judge a good “hoodoo” store by the smell. 

If you walk in and smell incense, herbs, and candles, you’re in the right place. This is especially true at Motown Witch, a metaphysical supply store that recently opened in a beautiful open space at 16844 Schaefer Hwy. on Detroit’s west side. 

Painted a bright yellow, the store is spacious with a large display of herbs like jasmine, lavender, and hibiscus in glass jars behind the counter that immediately beckon to customers. Scents like Wild Berry incense permeate the air and seduce the senses.


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Wisconsin’s original green cemetery

March 2, 2021

More than a decade before the Farley Center was founded — and just 20 miles down the road — Selena Fox built one of the nation’s first natural cemeteries. Fox is the founder and director of Circle Sanctuary, a nature spirituality church nestled on a 200-acre preserve in Barneveld. In 1995, Fox set aside 20 acres for scattering ashes. Fifteen years later, the church completed the local requirements for full-body burials. Fifty-eight people have chosen Circle Cemetery...

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Blessings of Imbolc and Lughnasadh

February 3, 2021


The turning of the wheel has brought those of us in the northern hemisphere to the celebration of Imbolc, and in the southern hemisphere, Lughnasadh or Lammas.

This wintry season in the northern hemisphere is celebrated by different traditions under a variety of names – the twelve-day observance of Entschtanning (the emergence), the Shinto Festival of Setsubun (February 3), the feast day of Saint Brigid of Ireland (February 1), and of course...

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Inclusivity in the age of Zoom

January 7, 2021

Although the internet has been around for decades now, many are calling 2020 the “Year of the Internet” as the entire country has moved huge portions of our lives online.

While encountering a large and diverse Pagan community online is certainly nothing new, COVID-19 restrictions and concerns have forced even local covens, groups, and meetups to find alternative ways to share rituals.

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The Curious Past and Lasting Importance of Yule

December 21, 2020

“Yule” is an oft-used word during this festive season. The classic Christmas tune "Deck the Halls" gushes about “yuletide carols.” YouTube Yule logs bring crackling joy to those without fireplaces. And many companies are on the real Yule log train with their own weird twists to the holiday staple. But what does Yule mean? How did it become associated with Christmas? The history behind the word Yule, what it celebrates, and how people enjoy Yule today is a trip worth taking. Let’s dive into Yule’s interesting past.

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Samhain heavier this year

October 30, 2020

TWH – Witches and Pagans across the northern hemisphere will be observing a particularly charged Samhain this week with the pervasive energy of this year and the million-plus lives lost worldwide to COVID-19 making for a particularly heavy holiday for those that observe it. It also lands on a full moon, the second in the month, which makes it a blue moon. While there’s not a lot of agreement on the energetic importance of a blue moon, many Witches feel that it gives greater power to their magick and ritual.


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