Religious Progressives Encouraged by Judicial Nominations Fight

May 24, 2005

Source: Beliefnet

On May 24, 2005 Beliefnet reported, "six months after the November elections left them defeated and demoralized, progressive religious groups by most measures continue to be outpaced and drowned out by well-organized conservative groups. Yet progressive leaders say the fight over judicial nominations has shown they are making measured progress in moderating the influence of conservative heavyweights with close ties to Republicans. Leaders of the 'religious left' say they are slowly but steadily resurrecting a moribund movement. There is a coordination unseen since the heyday of the Vietnam era, they say, and plans are taking shape to match conservatives in media, mobility and -- most important -- money... In many ways, progressives face a two-pronged struggle: solidifying as a potent counterpoint to the religious right, while also emerging as a cohesive political and religious force in their own right."